We feature the finest apples of the Minnesota Fruit Breeding Farms.
Open Daily September to October

Southwind apples are grown on the choice hillsides of a broad, deep valley near the town of Dakota, which nestles on the banks of the Mississippi River. Here, their roots lie deep in the wind-driven loess soil that blankets a deep deposit of limestone rock. Kissed by the dew and mist from the Mississippi, they spend long hours bathing in the sun, gently ripening to full-bodied goodness.

Come explore our Orchard and Retail Store, or contact us to schedule bus tours and school tours. We are Located in the most beautiful valley of Apple Blossom Drive.

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Southwind Orchard has over 100 acres of apple trees, which grows dozens of the newest, most classic, and tastiest apples you can think of. A short list includes Sweet 16, Cortland, Dandy Red Mac, Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp, SweeTango, and much much more … + Read More


For the best variety of apples in southeast Minnesota, visit our market. We sell dozens of apple varieties, jams, and much more. Perfect for housewarming events, party favors, or just to have apples in the house. Why go to the grocery store when you can get apples straight from the tree … + Read More


Our orchards are vast, beautiful, and tucked in the quiet hills of the Driftless Area. You won't find another wedding venue that is as in touch with nature and the agrarian lifestyle as ours. Visit the ceremony sites and you'll see why our orchards are the perfect choice for your special day … + Read More


Southwind Orchard

Southwind Orchards was started in 1946 in Dakota, Minnesota by the Wilke Bros. of Winona and Minneapolis. They bought a number of farms in the area and were able to put together 1000 acres of land connected together. They planted 160 acres to apple trees with a large amount being the Beacon variety, which ripens in August and early September. In 1954 they build their first cold storage. At the same time they started the Apple Orchards. The Wilkes developed a herd of White Face Hereford cattle. The farm became one of the leading farms in breeding White Face Herefords when they purchased a bull named Eaton Drummer... + Learn More